Cosmetic DentistryFor a smile that says it all and is absolutely flawless! 

More and more people are becoming curious about cosmetic dentistry and what it has to offer them. Essentially it is any aspect of dentistry which improves your appearance and smile. Once the domain of actors, models and the very wealthy, advances in the field have made cosmetic dentistry available to everyone.

The first stage is to determine which options are best suited to the smile you’d like and then work out a plan. Treatment can be done immediately or over a period of time to suit your circumstances. Quality cosmetic dentistry is a combination of experience, artistic flair, planning, modern techniques and the careful selection of materials and technology.

The personal, social and professional benefits for many are amazing and for some can be life changing. This can have a great impact on self confidence, career prospects and social interactions. Almost any smile, whether it is discoloured, has low luminosity, crowded or missing teeth can be made to look great.

At Killarney Dental we not only work on the aesthetics of your smile, we offer you suggestions and options available to improve your bite (occlusion). Occlusion is an area of dentistry largely ignored in undergraduate dental training not only in New Zealand but around the world. This is the key factor behind the longevity of all dental work. It’s all very well having work placed but having it last decades is another matter entirely.

Call Killarney Dental today and we will offer you a free consultation for cosmetic dentistry where we will advise you on what is possible, listen to what you would like to achieve and work out a customised treatment plan to suit your budget, lifestyle and expectations.


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