How to Avoid Dealing with Rogue Auckland Movers

For people living in Auckland, New Zealand or any other similar place, always keep in mind that when selecting a moving company, “not all Auckland movers are equal.” It is highly likely you have seen long social media posts and countless news detailing horrendous moving experiences. This is especially true when moving services are in high demand since it often attracts rogue moving companies into the job marketplace. This is actually one of the major reasons it is highly recommended that you deal with local moving companies. You know, if you live in Auckland, ensure you work with Auckland moving companies that have been there long enough to have the locals vouching for them. The last thing you would want is for something to go wrong in the process of moving to your new destination, and you cannot trace the physical location of the movers you hired for the job.


Such rogue companies often lure homeowners with very attractive and irresistible rates only to not follow through with the service promised. Once the goods are in transit, the price will often be doubled on what was initially quoted, and the items in question will be held at ransom until an agreement is reached. Most of the time, these rogue moving companies will rarely have any of their staff on hand or even their branded trucks. What they do is to subcontract the job to anyone with a truck that looks big enough to accommodate what needs to be moved. Simply put, there is nothing as risky and costly as booking a move with a rogue service provider. Always ensure you work with Auckland movers that are professional in their job. This you can verify by looking at how they handle you from the time you call or walk into their offices looking for a moving quote.


Further, you will know how serious a company is in its moving business by looking at the kind of investment they have done on the business. Have they invested in company trucks well branded with their official company name and logo? Are the members of staff in uniform or you can never tell them apart from the pizza delivery guy? Does the company have a physical address you can walk to should anything go wrong? Do they have a telephone number displayed on their website? These are just a few of the tell-tale signs that you are not dealing with a rogue moving company that has come from nowhere purporting to give you the best moving rates.



That said, assuming you are dealing with reliable Auckland movers, do you know what to expect of them in addition to, of course, moving the items from one location to another? One of the issues that always needs to be addressed is packing. There are people who will prefer to do the packing on by themselves. Others prefer to have the movers do the packing. It is important to have this and similar issues clarified beforehand to avoid last-minute surprises when you are slapped with a huge moving budget only to realize packing had not been factored in when getting the initial estimate.