False Nail Application Guide for First Timer

Wanting to look fab instantly? You sure can get the attention of the crowd with amazing nails but the thing is, you don’t have to wait for your nails to grow long and design or paint them as you wish because, with false nails (Fake nails), you can have the desired pretty nails in few steps. Check our guide on how to correctly put on the false nails on your fingers.


The Simple and Easy False Nail Application Guide

Below are steps on how to apply or put the false nails correctly on your fingers. Take time to read and be guided by the application.


  1. The very first thing you need is to prepare your nails, per se. This would mean that you have to remove old polish and make it clean and clear. This is because if you will put on the false nails without removing the old nail polish, the false nails won’t stick durably on your nails and it would easily be peeled off. If you are wearing false nails and wanting to replace it with new fake nails, then you can soak your fingertips on a bowl with nail polish remover.


  1. No matter what type of false nails you be using, you have to pre-manicure your nails. This would ensure that the false nails will never mess up with your real nails and remove them would be easier. Start the pre-manicure steps by soaking your fingers in a warm water to make it soft and dry them so you can paint with clear nail polish.


  1. Cut and trim your nails using the clipper to even out it. Just like how you manicure it, you can still leave few nail edge so false nails can stick and hold the false nails. Make sure that you don’t trim your cuticle, this will prevent infection or getting germs and dirt on that part.


  1. When you are done, use a cloth to wipe off dust particles. A natural or colorless nail polish should be painted on your nails, these will protect the outer layer of your nails so the false nails won’t be directly glued to your real nails.


  1. When putting the false nails, start by laying it on your nails and you can guide it to comfortably fit on your real nails using your thumb. The big false nails are for the thumbnails, and the smallest is for the little finger.




These false nails may come with designs or plain. You can either pick the best-suited design you want for the occasion. When applying the nail glue, make sure you don’t put too much glue. Putting so much nail or plastic glue may cause some of the glue liquid to spread on the edges of your nails or unto the skin. This can be tough to remove and unclean to look. Now that you are done, we are hopeful that you can apply the false nails properly even on your own.