Will a Tattoo Design Affect Your Life?



This is a very obvious question actually. The moment you planned on having a tattoo, you must be ready to have a huge change in your way of life. The tattoo is forever, unless, you’re willing to have it covered up or have it removed with a laser which is twice the pain as you had it at your very first one. To have one requires courage not just with pain but also with commitment, commitment for something that you know will stay as a part of you as long as you’re alive and here are the following answers why a tattoo design could actually affect your life.


Let us start with the other people’s point of view. Example, if you are covered with tattoos and go publicly most especially in countries like few locals have it. They already are given to be wondering why you have such things on your skin and you can never blame them for that because they are new to the culture. Judgmental people are everywhere and discrimination is inevitable so you can actually experience negative approaches like malicious stares, the feeling of not being prioritized, and maybe rejection most especially in the corporate world where an overall appearance is a must, so, If I will ask you, are you ready for the consequences of having tattoos?


Next, is a lighter side of it. In which, we will check the POV of someone who already has their tattoos with them for a long time. Do you know that most people with tattoos also have lots of advantages from those who don’t have it? Tattooed people got high self-confidence and that is true. Seems it adds to their pride having something that is not so easy to, know how painful that is. It also adds to masculinity most especially to men yet some women also have more tattoos than some men, and that is because these women have strong personalities and are empowered.


Your Tattoo design will also affect your life the biggest. So right before you have it stuck inside your skin, you make sure that it has a significant meaning, no- profanity and of course something that is obviously done by a professional. Also, be careful of using words that might offend anyone or even signs that are actually condemned by some areas of society such as religion and race.


All in all, your tattoo represents you and that is something that you are not be ashamed of, you had it because you wanted to express yourself and nothing more, nothing less. You can never blame yourself for being discriminated only if you make sure that you are a responsible citizen and offends nobody. After all, that is your body and no one can dictate, nor judge you of whatever you do with it as long as it is not affecting your health, your relationship and your community in a negative way, then so be it.