Property Management Auckland – What to Expect

If you are thinking about property managers working in New Zealand, it might be a bit worrying for you as there is no regulation imposed upon this profession. So it is best that you do your own research first so that you will end up with good property management services in Auckland.

But generally, what can you expect from such a service in New Zealand?


If you are to end up with the best property management Auckland services, they will communicate with you effectively. They will discuss with you your needs and even develop a kind of policy that will prompt resolution and response to your own matters and even with your investment. The property managers are mostly away from their office because of appraising properties, managing and inspecting them, but they will not fail to respond to you should you be needing their assistance.


Here are things you can expect from the best property management Auckland:

  • They will undertake a complete listing of notes regarding your property.
  • They will have your property photographed where it is appropriate and an advertisement will be made about it. They will have the property listed on every real estate site online that they are subscribed to. They will also post it on any media they are affiliated or associated with.
  • They will set schedule viewings with your property as it is required for all prospective tenants up until the home or property gets rented. The subject of access to your property will be provided by the property management services by any of the current occupants.
  • They will put up the “For Rent” sign, when appropriate, at the property during the time of its listing or upon your request and if they are permitted.
  • They will subject every application to a check at the appropriate databases of tenancy; the verification of former renting references of the applicant; and the verification of employment of the applicant.
  • They will refer all the potentially suitable applications to you for the approval. However, this is only going to be done so when instructed.
  • They will let your property on the asking amount of the rent, as it is outlined in the management agreement with the company you are working with. They will not let your property get a lower amount, without getting your permission first.
  • They will complete and then execute the agreement of tenancy. They will provide the possession of the tenant of your property once the process of the rental applicant has already been approved.
  • They complete and then execute all tenancy agreement and will explain in further detail their obligations and responsibilities with you.
  • They will secure all the appropriate ingoing costs coming from the tenant.
  • They will then lodge the bond according to the legislation.
  • If requested, a copy of the agreement of tenancy will be forwarded to you.
  • They will be contacting you regularly and provide feedback to you throughout the whole process of this service.

All of these are expected to happen given that you do end up with a good and reputable property management Auckland services.